NASA Announces Invention Of The Year Award Competition: The Right Stuff Sports Hydration Formula Honored

The Right Stuff® (Wellness Brands), electrolyte drink additive that hydrates strenuous-exercising astronauts, athletes, laborers and first responders, was named NASA Commercial Invention of the Year runner-up.

The formula, developed by NASA scientist Dr. John Greenleaf and licensed to Wellness Brands Inc. of Boulder, Colo., was created to combat astronauts’ dehydration upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Marketed as The Right Stuff®, the sugar-free, liquid concentrate – added to at least 16 oz. of water – delivers much more electrolytes, replacing the amount lost by sweat from heat or rigorous exercise lasting over an hour.

“This is serious hydration for serious athletes,” says Wellness Brands President and CEO David Belaga, adding that the no-nonsense, performance aid is not a substitute for other sports drinks used by ordinary exercisers.

“It was developed because astronauts suffer from severe dehydration upon re-entry into Earth’s gravity. It’s now available and being used by athletes here on earth, including professional, college, high school and Olympic athletes as well as industrial workers, military personnel and firefighters who perform hot, strenuous tasks.

 Based on numerous published studies, The Right Stuff does a far better job:
  • Combating dehydration symptoms like cramps, headaches, light-headedness, muscle fatigue and dizziness
  • Improving core thermal regulation which means it helps protect the body from overheating, and
  • Increasing endurance by over 20 percent more than any other NASA-tested formula.

The formula’s sodium citrate is a buffer that prevents stomach and GI issues and converts to sodium bicarbonate, offsetting some of the negative effects of lactic acid buildup in a way that benefits both power athletes and endurance athletes.

“The formula also is a great aid for jet lag, altitude sickness and even for relief from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption,” Belaga says.

Wellness Brands Inc.: The Right Stuff®, introduced in 2009, was nominated for NASA Commercial Invention of the Year 2012 by NASA workers. NASA’s Inventions and Contributions Board that evaluated the nominations recently announced the awards.

Boulder, Colorado based Wellness Brands Inc., markets the NASA-developed hydration technology throughout the US and in various countries internationally.


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Congress’ budget for NASAs Planetary Science program is now being reversed by the Obama administration and NASA officials. Sequestration cuts of more than 15% are being preferentially applied to Solar System research in addition to the further reallocation of funds away from these important programs, including Discovery, New Frontiers, Mars Exploration, and technological research & development.

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