Contact your Representative and reverse Obamas budget cuts to NASA’s Planetary Science Program!

Dear [your rep],
Congress’ budget for NASAs Planetary Science program is now being reversed by the Obama administration and NASA officials. Sequestration cuts of more than 15% are being preferentially applied to Solar System research in addition to the further reallocation of funds away from these important programs, including Discovery, New Frontiers, Mars Exploration, and technological research & development.

Solar System research programs have a significant return on their investment for the U.S. economy by reducing the risks from space hazards and driving the opening of new markets from technological innovation. The sequestration burden on planetary should be reduced.

Augmentations and new initiatives, identified and funded by Congress, should be paid out of additional funds remaining after sequestration. Important research and competed mission programs should not be reduced below their currently funded levels.
Thank you,
[your name]

Click Here for a list of U.S. Representatives.


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