NASA Invention Gives us a Good Nap

BANGALORE: It’s not just India’s MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission ) spacecraft that Nasa is helping navigate, the US space agency also seems to have done its bit to help Indians get better sleep.

Companies claim that the mattress, made of temperature-sensitive material, reduces stress and enables deep sleep. “These mattresses provide orthopaedic help to customers. They take the shape of the body but the impression created doesn’t last,” said Altaf, a mattress dealer.

Arun LR, another company dealer-, said, “We learnt about the technology from our partners in Australia and began using it about five years ago. Today, we manufacture the foam in India and it has helped sales go up by 10%-20 %.” 
He also pointed out that introduction of the material has increased competition, with even smaller players switching to it. However, there’s a difference in the quality of foam, he said. The material also discourages the breeding of dust mites common in traditional mattresses.


Visco-elastic foam was invented by Nasa in the 1970s to reduce pressure experienced by astronauts. The agency had received complaints that the G-forces generated during lift-off were causing uncomfortable sensations. More than three decades later, mattress companies in India are making the most of it.