‘Star Trek’-style medical gear to be made in Houston with NASA

Remember in Star Trek when they wave a cool laser machine over an injury and the person magically gets better?

Well, one Houston company says that’s not so far fetched after all.

GRok Technologies has made an agreement with NASA to use space age technology to try to create futuristic medical solutions.

The biotechnology company said it will use NASA patents they have licensed to create 3-D human tissue models which could be used to test cosmetics, drugs and other products for safety.  GRok says that would cut the need for animal testing and increase the accuracy of results.

In a second project, the team plans to create medical devices which would target muscular pain and inflammationStar Trek-style without touching or administering any drugs. 

Details of what the devices would look like are not yet available, but NASA says it is the kind of thing they would use in space. 

“NASA is interested in the potential these technologies present for regenerating bone and muscle,” the agency said in a news release. “During long space flights, astronauts are susceptible to developing osteopenia, which is a condition arising from the loss of bone and muscle mass.”

GRok Technologies said it is delighted to have the opportunity to work with NASA technology to positively affect medicine. 

“It’s not just science fiction anymore,” said Moshe Kushman, GRoK’s founder and CEO. “All indications are that 21st century life sciences will change dramatically during the next several decades, and GRoK is working to define the forefront of a new scientific wave.”