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Science Grows Jobs was created as an effort to raise awareness about the economic importance of funding science.

We’re currently in the process of raising awareness of the dwindling budget that the US Government gives to NASA. Currently, NASA is given less than $0.0047 of each tax dollar taken from you. That’s less than half of a penny! 85% of the USAs economic growth is attributable to technological change; the contribution from NASA is around 33-43% growth or $1.50 to $1.80 return for every $1 spent. Once the appropriate amount of public support has been obtained, we will begin handing out documents at political events and colleges around America.

If you would like more information on how you can help us spread our cause, contact us.


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Use hashtag #ScienceGrowsJobs and let your state’s Representative know that you want more funding for NASA.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Here is the note I sent my Congressman:

    RE: funding for U.S. science/astronomy/Green Bank Telescope.
    I am very concerned about the pending large cuts to U.S. science facilities. The National Science Foundation is planning to divest (close down) the worlds largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world at Green Bank, WV, along with the extremely high resolution “VLBA” radio telescope array. These two systems gave us much of our current understanding of deep space, and continue to be quite important to scientists in America as well as around the world. I personally had the privilege to learn about the Green Bank Telescope first hand last year in a training course for grad students. Students came in from all over – France, China, Africa etc just to work with the BEST radio astronomy systems here in the U.S. The Green Bank Telescope is not only producing cost-effective scientific results, it also serves as a symbol of American preeminence in astronomical science and technology. I feel the Green Bank Telescope and VLBA network should be saved. Respectfully,
    David Wexler, MD Shrewsbury, MA

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