ScienceGrowsJobs is preparing to create a plan to increase NASA’s yearly budget by 8% per year for the next decade. The budget will increase from $17.65B (FY2014) to $38.11B (FY2024). We are currently looking into what the government is currently spending money on, and finding what can be classified as wasteful spending. In 2013 Tom Coburn, a US Senator from Oklahoma, found $8 Billion in wasteful government spending. His list includes a $297 Million Army blimp that never made it off the ground, and a $34 Million DoD HQ that is unoccupied to this day. If that isn’t bad enough, this year, the military will leave behind $7 Billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan.

NASA has been proven to be a heavy job creator, and economically beneficial for years. If our plan succeeds, the increase in funding will positively affect the United States’ economy and employment rate.

NASA budget increase 2014 – 2024
Year Budget (In Billions) Added Funding (In Millions)
2014 $17.65 N/A
2015 $19.06 $1.41
2016 $20.59 $1.52
2017 $22.23 $1.65
2018 $24.01 $1.78
2019 $25.93 $1.92
2020 $28.01 $2.07
2021 $30.25 $2.24
2022 $32.67 $2.42
2023 $35.28 $2.61
2024 $38.11 $2.82

2 thoughts on “Actions

  1. If scientists really want to save their funding they should be intensely active against our insane, belligerent, imperialist foreign policies – pointless and counterproductive attacks and occupations – that’s where all the ‘discretionary’ money goes. The AAS, AAAS, etc. should sponsor petitions. But that would take moral courage, and generally scientists are too cowardly to do this, and thus are left to whine impotently or fight among themselves like voles for the dwindling scraps that remain. if, on the other hand, you are mad enough to favor these insane adventures, well then, understand that you are choosing pointless destructive war over research, and live with it (also, morally, in this case, you should volunteer to serve).

    • I take it you watched the debate last night? Generally speaking (and I’m sure a number of my friends would enjoy debating this), scientists are politically similar to toddlers in a china shop. If there’s an elephant in there that nobody wants to acknowledge, scientists are among the first to start talking about how interesting it is. After years of experiencing these kinds of fall-outs, they tend to defer to the experts in the field, in this case foreign policy experts, in order to form an opinion on the matter.

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