Representatives and challengers will regularly hold events prior to the election in which materials are provided. While it is challenging to reach the candidate themselves, attending one of the events, and placing copies of letters among the materials being provided to very active members of the community will raise the prominence of the issue. Steps to do this are generally:

(1) Find your Representative district by searching for your representative. For instance, with a zip code of “77373”, I know that I live in the 2nd congressional district of TX and am represented by Ted Poe.

(2) Perform a search for your who is running for the House in your district. For instance, from “”, I know that challengers running for the district include: Jim Dougherty, Kenneth Duncan, and Mark Roberts.

(3) Using the name of the Representative and the challenger(s), do another search including the word “event”. For instance, I know that Ted Poe has no public events planned at the moment. For Jim Dougherty, “” was not a useful resource; however, on visiting his campaign’s website, I found an upcoming event tomorrow at which to visit.

(4) Go to the event with a stack of letters (preferrably pre-addressed), and place them among the other political materials that will generally be sitting on a nearby table. If someone is manning the table, explain the problem and ask for permission to place your materials there. If permission is not granted (almost never at events held by challengers), be polite and say “Thank you” and try again at another event.


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