Help Fund SGJ

What Does SGJ Need Funding For?

Running a website takes a lot of work. Turning that website into an NPO takes an even greater amount of work. Even though we currently have no funding, we are still bringing you great content each day. Imagine what we could do with funding!

We want to visit colleges, and political events to build a reputation with the American people. We will be giving presentations, and handing out information to anyone interested in our cause. We will be setting up projects in towns and cities across America. While visiting each school we will build a rapport with great young minds emerging into the workforce. We will teach them that NASA isn’t just about planets & stars. NASA is about America, and its future.

If you would like to assist us in funding this project, please Contact Us, and let us know how you would like to help.


Below, we made a list of what your funding will do for us, and the future of NASA.

  1. Website

-Website Hosting


-CSS Upgrades

-WordPress Transfer Service


  1. Non-Profit




  1. Awareness

-Printing/Generating Documents

-Hiring people to visit schools

-Hiring a Media Team

-Hiring Writers

-Travel Expenses


  1. Action

-Visiting NASA Research Centers

-Attending Meetings

-Speaking with Representatives

-Establishing a presence in Politics




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