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ScienceGrowsJobs (SGJ) promotes awareness about the economic importance of funding NASA. We seek to increase the budget of NASA from $17.65b to $32.11b over ten years at an increase of 8% per year. began as a simple bulletin board for NASA Spinoffs. Over the past two years, it has grown into so much more. SGJ is educating Americans about everything NASA does for our country. We are beginning to obtain support from voters, media, Representatives, and was even featured on NASA Spinoff!

All of this was achieved without funding. Imagine what we could do with funding.

Once we have the money and manpower to present our cause to the public, we will be visiting colleges around America to hand out information and give presentations. Gaining the support of college students covers many of our preliminary goals. In the era of social media, young adults have been able to control what becomes popular on the web. If we can spark the interest of students, the country will surely follow. Lately, science has been a huge influence on students. With icons like Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson igniting America’s curiosity, science, engineering, and exploration have seen a big jump in interest. Now is the perfect opportunity to give people the means to make a difference.

For more details on our plans and goals for the future, Click Here.

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Contact Information

Eric Davis
Website Administrator
(802) 451-8823

Dr. Liz Jensen


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News Highlights

May 8 2014 – Featured on NASA Spinoff

Spinoff Highlight


May 27 2014 – Published in the Brattleboro Reformer (Based in Brattleboro, Vermont)

Click here to view the article




Original Articles

How NASA Tech Makes an Impact on Your Daily Life

Why Should we Spend Money on the NASA Space Program?

NASA Paves the way for a Greener Future







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